Jigar Jain

Travelling in 2030

It is amazing to see here how many people are pretty conscious about their carbon footprint & the impact that their leisure travelling with flights involved has on the climate. To the point where they would like to travel all around the globe & explore all places, but they would rather not.

My take on it

As people in developing countries get richer & richer, we could see more travellers from these countries. At the same time, the number of leisure travellers from western countries could drop significantly as they get more aware of the climate situation. But we as humans, will always have this longing for exploring new lands. And this is where VR may come into play. Where you get to be at all the places in the world without really travelling there. Experiences that are almost as good as real ones. As far as travelling to any land on this planet is concerned, travelling would no longer be a novel activity. But Space? That’s a different question.