Jigar Jain

The "Liebig 34" project

One of the most well-known Anarcha-Queer-Feminist Collective in Berlin. While I am not a super fan of the way they carry out their radical left activism (admittedly, I don’t know much about activism), I have to admit that the state’s response towards them has been quite poor. If you need to deploy a force of 300+ for a demo attended by less than 100 peaceful people, you are doing something wrong.

Liebig 34

To: Berlin State,

Please stop wasting taxpayer’s money on those constant policing over weekends in this part of the district. Just take a step back a little. People clearly love this neighbourhood (else why would there be gentrification* here?) & find it refreshingly different. At least I do (Not a big fan of conformity).

*I like to think that I am not contributing to that. Ok, maybe a little without my knowledge