Jigar Jain

Reclaiming my mind & time

This is not going to be a another blog post telling how evil all social media & internet news* is. There are already hundreds of such blog post out there. This is just about me lately realizing how much of my time is consumed by these platforms. Initially, I believed that if I am following the right topics, people & news*, the returns would outweigh the cost of my time, but I no longer believe that to be the case for myself. I thought that by consuming vast amount of information from internet, I am keeping myself well-informed & updated with current information. With some introspection, I have found that to be incorrect. Consumption of so much opinions & thoughts on daily basis can be harmful for human mind.

Usually, I would try to find a good balance instead of blocking something completely, but not this time. So I have decided to block myself from accessing all social media & news* outlet. One may ask, “why write a blog post about it?”. That is because I was once told that if you ever want to make a drastic change in your life & want to keep up with it, express it publically. So I guess this is what I am doing here :)

*I would hardly call them “news”. These days they are mostly propaganda machine where every thing is amplified.